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3 Things To Consider Before Creating An En Suite Bathroom

An en suite bathroom, or master bathroom as it is most commonly known, is a valuable feature in any home as well as one that is heavily in-demand. If you expect to have a high resale value attached to your property, you probably should upgrade your bathroom to an en suite. Many smaller homes, contemporary ones that are built to break from tradition, and old homes that predate the master bedroom and bathroom craze will lack this necessary feature. Many people will also be tempted to add an en suite to a condo, apartment, or vacation home that they purchase.

You should ideally decorate an en suite bathroom as an extension of the adjoining bedroom. This will ensure that the two areas complement each other and make both room spaces appear as large as possible. You can continue the flooring from the bedroom into the bathroom to enhance the feeling of space. There is a wide range of bathroom fillings available in small sizes which will enable you to fit everything you require in an en suite bathroom.

If guests frequent your house you may also want to consider having an en-suite put into the guest bedroom. This would create a wonderful ambience and make your home feel all the more welcoming. Choose colours, if possible, that co-ordinate with the decor of the bedroom so that when stepping into the bathroom it feels like a continuation of the bedroom which will leave people feeling at ease.

The toilet is also a very important facility to keep clean. Ensure that when you clean it you use a bleached cloth or better still a toilet wipe such as Parozone. If using a bleached cloth dispose of it immediately as using it again will cause the spread of germs and faeces. If using a toilet wipe these can make your bathroom smell wonderful as they come in varying fragrances such as orange and lemon. To clean the inside of the toilet use a toilet wipe again but protect your hands by using surgical gloves and clean the outside of the toilet in the same way. After this is done flush the wipes away and then add fresh smelling toilet bleach under the rim and pour some normal bleach into the bottom of the toilet. If left for a couple of hours this will keep your toilet hygienically clean and should be repeated daily.

If the bathroom and bedroom are to work successfully together, their schemes need to relate, while at the same time maintaining their own individual character. An effective way of achieving this is by reversing the bedroom scheme in the bathroom - that is, taking the bedroom accent color and using this as the main color for the bathroom, and adopting the main bedroom color as an accent color in the bathroom.